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'Anti-Canadian' Huh?

The media seems aghast at the suggestion by Dr. Kellie Leitch, candidate for the federal Conservative Party leadership, that to be an immigrant to Canada you should pass a test to make sure you do not hold anti-Canadian "values" (though these have not been defined). For some reason, this is seen as disgusting and, frankly, guaranteeing her defeat.

The reality is, it is not a surprise at all that she would forward this idea. Honestly, it is a previously used and successful strategy. ‘Huh?’, you say. Then you realize this is what Donald Trump is doing down south. ‘But it hasn’t worked here.’ Yes, it has. It was Rob Ford’s scheme in the 2010 Toronto mayoral election. Them versus us. ‘Real’ Torontonians versus the elite. And some gave his campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, a great deal of credit for it. Kellie Leitch’s campaign manager is Nick Kouvalis.

Dr. Leitch represents the riding of Simcoe-Grey. It is known as one of the most traditionally Conservative ridings in Canada. A bright wag once said ‘if you ran a collie dog as a Conservative’ there, ‘it would win’. I’m from Simcoe-Grey. This institute is located in Simcoe-Grey. The wag is right. (If it did win, the local Tories would just put the collie in suit and glasses.) The idea that immigrants could be un-Canadian is hardly foreign here. In last year’s election, there was very little negative comment about Leitch for ‘barbaric, cultural practices’.

The media shouldn’t be surprised she’s the messenger of backward thinking drivel. She represents it in Parliament.

Byron Montgomery, President, 23 September 2016

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